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It's time to rethink Elementary School Fundraising. As a School or Council do you find you are holding way too many fundraising activities? Do you find your parents are getting tired of the number of fundraisers? It's time to change our approach to fundraising. With less volunteers, less time, more events that raise less money, we all need to stop and step back. Raising Spirit is all about "less is more." It's about providing tools and resources that will help you increase your fundraising amounts with less events and less volunteers. Our programs will make a difference at your school. Take a look around and better understand why our program is different and designed specifically for Elementary Schools and their School Councils.

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Today more than ever, our schools and councils require additional help to raise funds. With growing disperancies between schools and boards, councils are called upon even more to help close the gap.

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Campaign Toolbox

Register today with Raising Spirit and receive access to our Program Communication Tool Box. Find Communication Templates (Launch, Introduction, Donation Request , Sponsorship, Thanks, Parent, Teacher, Kick Off and Wrap Up) to name a few.

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Our Approach to Fundraising

Take a peak at how our approach gives you benefits and added value to your fundraising needs.

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