Build a Positive School Environment

Empower a Child to Care

Character Develop

Today, every school is looking to build a vision to change the way young people treat each other in the hallway, lunch time, and classroom of your school so that today's young people can make tomorrows world better.

As teachers and educators, our young people admire and look up to you. So when you launch your Character Development Program, make sure your teachers, council and parents are all on board. Raise Funds from Character Development T-Shirts and in turn use those dollars to support your schools mission to develop and deliver strong and positive character development programs.

In addition many schools have programs and clubs like "Community Builders" – these powerful clubs are lead by just as positive teachers, who encourage their students to become leaders in their school. These student mediators have been demonstrating that peer intervention is successful and positive.

Raising Spirit, provides registered schools a dedicated online store featuring many programs like "Character Development " where you can determine what you want offered to your school community and how long the campaign should run.

Because we are parents, council members and volunteers we really understand that in order for any program to work it must be simple and easy to manage and therefore our programs offer your school or council the following:

  • Individual School Store Site with the 10 Most Popular Colours ready to go
  • Access to Communication Templates (Use or alter but they are designed to save you time)
  • Everything is online, no cheques, no cash to balance, no orders to chase down – use our secure online system and we handle the rest.
  • Shipping direct to the school – Orders are pre-labelled and ready to distribute
  • Raise Funds – Earn Money back from every order online to go towards other programs in your school. Earn $1.00 per product and learn about other ways you can leverage Raising Spirit to raise money unconventionally.

Raising Spirit was launched to help busy principals, teachers, and school councils deliver simpler and better fundraising campaigns. We understand that time and volunteers is our greatest challenge. Therefore take a look around and see why Raising Spirit really will make your life easier and more enjoyable as a very important and respected member of your school community.

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