Finding and Winning Grants

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Have you exhausted your local community and parents? Are you looking for another source of funding to help with school events and projects? We have what you are looking for! We have been researching associations and corporations that make grants available to elementary schools throughout Ontario for the last two years.

All together there are more than $350,000 dollars available from these 250+ more grant organizations. Grant writing begins with identifying a need that your school has, developing an action plan, and building a creative solution using your grant partner as the financial resource. If you read "About Us" you will know that in one year we raised $75,000 for our school and of that money $57,000 came directly from our grant writing campaign.

School Councils can and do get grants. The key to being successful is finding them and putting the best submission in to secure those funds. Grant writing isn't difficult, but you need to be creative and make sure you follow the directions given to ensure a successful win. Writing a grant takes less time than planning an event and in many cases these grants provide key funds for programs like Music, Outdoor Playgrounds and Equipment, and Green Programs.

We have compiled 250+ grant giving organizations that provide funds to schools like yours (grants, foundations and corporations) Simply become a member of Raising Spirit and click below to purchase your list today for $99.95.

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Our grant database will save you and your school a huge amount of time and energy. You will find grants for your outdoor playground, music program, assemblies, greening and sports and fitness. You will find something for everyone in our comprehensive list which is updated regularly.

Lists are licensed to one school at a time. Check back for regular updates.

Good Luck and Get Writing