Read-A-Thon - Complete Tool Kit!

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Launch your own Read-A-Thon...Today!

Raising Spirit, has developed both an online and paper based complete turn key Read-A-Thon tool kit (44 pages) for your elementary school or school council.

Today it is even more important to create fundraising events that engage and leverage our curriculum. Literacy is key to any child’s success and here is the perfect opportunity to support a key educational initiative and raise valuable dollars all at the same time.

The ‘Read-4- Life’ Read-a-Thon toolkit includes everything you need from parent and student letters, to high-level schedules, author contacts, community read-a-bout outline, pledge form, reminder notes, teacher communication, sponsorship and prize donor letters, thank you ideas and job descriptions for your team.

In fact, we also offer your school and council a complete online solution that reduces collection, increases participation and allows students to update their own reading status and page. This program does collect Mastercard and Visa

Purchase the “Turn-Key” Solution today and start your very own ‘Read-4-Life’ campaign. With as few as three volunteers your school can raise a minimum of $25 per student.

Read -4- Life - Online Solution:

Use our online Read-a-thon pledge system for up to 365 days from the date of registration to run and operate your Read-a-thon

All transactions are processed by Raising Spirit through our transactional services and then at the end of your campaign a cheque is sent directly to your school or school council.

This is a FREE* online tool for your school

Online Pledge System Available Now! - Click Here to View Demo Site