The Teachers Wish List – Online Community Donation Program

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Raising Spirit developed an online donation program that allows parents, local businesses and the school community to purchase items that teachers and administration have identified they would like in their classrooms. This is an alternative to doing fundraisers and it allows our schools to get exactly what they want.

The School Giving Tree platform offers your school council a complete turn-key online solution that offers hundreds of everyday school products identified by teachers throughout Ontario.

School Councils and teachers work together to identify their wish list of items needed in the classrooms and have the opportunity to add additional items working with Raising Spirit.

With a dedicated school solution, launch your campaign and encourage your parents to donate as much as they can.

All purchases online are handled by Visa and MasterCard. Shipping and Credit Card processing charges are all included in the final product price. Once a product is purchased it is shipped directly to your school via the contact person who is registered with Raising Spirit.

And the Best part of the entire program is the entire campaign is absolutely free to all elementary schools in Ontario to set up and run. YOU get a completely custom web page for your school.

Start today – Its Free!

You have 365 Days to launch your Giving Tree Campaign at your school. Contact Us today If you have questions about the program Resources...

Click here to visit our Sample Giving Tree Campaign Site