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  • We know Schools do not have enough volunteers to run programs. We know the volunteers that we do have, run the potential to burn out. Principals, teachers, and other staff do not have the time to run programs.....so what can we do for you?

  • Raising Spirit is a company that knows schools and the challenges that arise from fundraising so we want to partner with schools and provide an easy solution for fundraising. Raising Spirit offers a complete solution for schools and fundraising.

  • We offer you theme based programs that your school can utilize for fundraising.

  • We offer the best clothing and accessories for your school to utilize for fundraising today

  • We offer an extensive grant list for your school to have the opportunity to fund special projects and programs at your school.

  • We offer a completely turn-key program once the initial registration, determination of program, and chosen time period for sales are determined.

  • We offer printable form letters to be sent out to your students and parents that direct families to your individual school website.

  • We offer an individual sales website that offers one-stop shopping for your parents to purchase

  • We offer online payment by accepting Visa, MasterCard with PayPal – that means no more money collecting for you.
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